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PWP: Smart Saver Oval II (4) 1.1L

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Smart Saver Oval Set

RM197.20  RM139.90

PWP: Smart Saver Oval II (4) 1.1L

RM82.00  RM49.90
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Keep your essential ingredients fresh the smart way with the Smart Saver Oval Set. With tabs for easy opening, clear panels for easy identification, airtight and stackable, the Smart Saver Oval Set lets you save when ingredients are kept fresh and stay safe when you buy in bulk.

Set consist of

  • Smart Saver Oval II (4) 1.1L


  • Tab for easy opening
  • Clear windows allow for fast and easy identification
  • Keep your kitchen in tip-top organization

Capacity & Dimensions

  • 1.1L
  • L 18.6 W 9.0 H 11.8 cm

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    PWP: Smart Saver Oval II (4) 1.1L

    PWP: Smart Saver Oval II (4) 1.1L