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Modular Mates Oval

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Modular and stackable to maximize pantry space
Most foods stored in the pantry are considered to be “dry” and have a long shelf life. Microorganisms rarely affect pasta, rice, cereals, flour, or beans as long as they are dry. Therefore, keep in airtight and moisture tight Modular Mates (MM) for perfect protection from air, dust, and moisture.


  • Modularised to stack neatly :
    uses space efficiently. See how much more you can store!
  • Virtually airtight :
    food stays fresh longer.
  • Hygienic :
    keeps pests and contamination off food.
  • Reduces spoilage :
    delicate food won't get crushed.
  • Stores all kinds of everything :
    available in different shapes and sizes, for storing bulk or small portions.

    Capacity & Dimension

    Oval I

    • 500ml
    • 18.5cm (L) x 9.5cm (W) x 6.1cm (H)

    Oval II

    • 1.1L
    • 18.5cm (L) x 9.5cm (W) x 11.7cm (H)

    Oval III

    • 1.7L
    • 18.5cm (L) x 9.5cm (W) x 17.3cm (H)

    Oval IV

    • 2.3L
    • 18.5cm (L) x 9.5cm (W) x 22.7cm (H)

        Lifetime Warranty

        All Tupperware products are guaranteed by Tupperware Brands to perform under normal domestic use for the lifetime of the product. We will replace, free of charge, any Tupperware product, or any part that, under normal domestic use, shows a manufacturing defect.

        Please visit our warranty page to learn more.


        Modular Mates Oval Regular

        Modular Mates Oval