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Nano Nature Enhancement Tank

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Better Tasting, Mineral Rich Water with Bakuhan-Seki

Bakuhan-Seki is a rare mineral-rich volcanic rock from the Gifu prefecture of Japan, renowned for its therapeutic properties, certified by the Japanese Ministry of Health as a medicinal mineral.

After running through 2 stages of purification, water is fed through the Bakuhan Enhancement Tank, enhancing it with many beneficial minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

The pH level of the water is also increased, making it more alkaline which helps to balance the pH level in our body.

Contains 19 beneficial minerals and increases the pH level water, giving you and your family nutrient-rich, healthy water.

To be replaced every 6 months (2,500 L) or as indicated by Smart LED panel.


Every day, tons of plastic waste are being discarded into our landfills. Tupperware Brands is committed to reducing pollution & conserving our earth's natural resources. As such, the Enhancement Tank does not come with a screw cap. Consumers would need to reuse the existing screw cap.


Nano Nature Enhancement Tank is covered under Tupperware Q (Quality) Guarantee, guaranteed to be free of manufacturing defects.

Please visit our warranty page to learn more.


Nano Nature Enhancement Tank Regular

Nano Nature Enhancement Tank