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Speedy Chef

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The Speedy Chef is the complete whipping and whisking kitchen aid.

Whisk up the perfect batter at lightning speed!.

Whip up quick and tempting desserts such as mini pavlova and chocolate cookies ice cream in minutes.

Get a perfectly whipped stiff egg white in seconds!


1.35 L


14.3 cm (D) x 12.7c m(H with Seal)
14.7 cm (D) x 25.4 cm(H with Whisk/Cover/Handle)


All Tupperware products are guaranteed by Tupperware Brands to perform under normal domestic use for the lifetime of the product. We will replace, free of charge, any Tupperware product, or any part that, under normal domestic use, shows a manufacturing defect.

Mechanical Parts of the Speedy Chef (rotation gears) are covered under 2 Years Limited Warranty against manufacturing defects.

Please visit our warranty page to learn more.


Speedy Chef Regular

Speedy Chef